Dear Customers,

Thank you for your trust in our company,
And we will always be at your good, we are always Seeking everything that is new & meet the wishes of Our customers.

Mona M.Hassan
Mona M.Hassan

CEO & Founder of High Graphics


18 Years in the field of graphics in different branches during These years.
(Publishing houses – painting – color separation
Outdoor & indoor design).
We have filled with international companies for large products In Cairo. Many posts and additions in the field
of graphics and Participation in the general exhibition of Fine art and taking work  in the museum of art talk at the Egyption opera house.

18 سنة فى مجال الجرافيك فى فروع مختلفة خلال هذه السنين
(دور النشر – الرسم – فصل الالوان – التصميم – الان دور والاوت دور).
لدينا اعمال مع شركات عالمية وشركات لمنتجات كبيرة فى القاهرة.
مشاركات واستضافات عديدة فى مجال الجرافيكس.
والمشاركة فى المعرض العام للفن التشكيلى
واخذ العمل فى متحف الفن الحديث بدار الاوبرا المصرية.